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NOVA || Northern Virginia Community College
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Please click here to locate the specific Campus Work-Study Coordinator for your campus.

Campus Work-Study Coordinators can answer any questions that you may have about the work-study program. They also assist students with obtaining an on-campus work-study job. Students must submit their Work-Study Agreement (NVCC Form 125-175) to their Campus Work-Study Coordinator once a work-study supervisor has agreed to hire them. New work-study students who have not participated in the work-study program during the last 12 months must also submit the work-study employment packet to their Campus Work-Study Coordinator.

If you have not been offered a work-study award and are interested in participating in the work-study program, please contact your Campus Work-Study Coordinator to see if you are eligible.

Support Help

For other general information and questions you may contact the Financial Aid Support Center