Job Details  

Federal Work-Study (FWS) positions are available only to students who have filed a FAFSA and have been awarded FWS. To check your FWS eligibility, log in to your NOVAConnect account. If you see FWS on your award and wish to work, accept the FWS and establish a log in at Follow the directions to pursue a FWS job.

If you wish to work and did not receive an award, you must either have remaining financial need after all aid is considered or be willing to cancel a loan to establish need. Contact the College Financial Aid Office at or talk with your Campus Financial Aid Representative to be considered for a FWS award.

FWS awards are offers only; jobs are not guaranteed. A student with a FWS award must seek a position and be hired by a supervisor. All NOVA FWS students must complete all required forms and be attending each term at least half-time (6 credits or more). Other requirements apply and are noted within the FWS Handbook.

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